Self-confidence is the single most influential factor when predicting your ability to achieve personal and professional success.

 What do the world’s greatest leaders have in common? What makes one professional advance faster than another? What makes someone magnetic and memorable? The answer is confidence, and confidence can be developed like any vital skill set.

An award-winning speaker, coach, and author, Cindy Grosso travels the country helping others develop the confidence, professionalism and etiquette savvy required to achieve success at every level. Her approach takes a comprehensive look at the barriers keeping you from achieving your goals, and her strategic guidance transforms every facet of your life.

Confidence creates opportunity, and Cindy know how to help you capture them both.

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ASM Global has engaged Cindy for the past 10 years to deliver customer centric etiquette and polish training to their sales and event managers from all 50 states. 
Cindy has the ability to enchant and entrance her audience. Cindy consistently is very well received and often scores a perfect 10 by the attendees. 
She has a good soft skill and human capital focused message. Working with Cindy is a pleasure to work with, she is dependable and a professional.  

Paula Miller, Sales Training Facilitator ASM Global

Cynthia Grosso

Cynthia Grosso

Ms. Grosso is a national etiquette expert, industry thought leader, author, and columnist. She has appeared as an etiquette expert on the Dr. Phil Show, Oprah, CNN, reality shows on TLC and many other news and talk shows. She is written about in Woman's Day Magazine, Marie Claire Magazine, The New York Times, Esquire Magazine, BusinessWeek Magazine, Golf Digest, as well as many others. She has been published well over 100 times and is the author of several books on civility.

Ms. Grosso is the author of the Professional Savvy Series, and online learning program for Professional Table Manners that is the only one of its kind in the world. This program won the bronze medal in the world for excellence in E-learning.

Ms. Grosso is a graduate of the University of South Carolina with a BS degree in Business Administration. She is an award winning adjunct professor of business etiquette at several local colleges.

Ms. Grosso is active in professional and civic organizations and has received several awards to include the prestigious "Business Person of the Year" award given by the Chamber of Commerce in her area. She has also received the Outstanding American Award for outstanding community service given by the US Jaycees.

Ms. Grosso focuses on the critical ten percent...."the polish", needed for business people to compete and grow in the corporate environment. She speaks to people on an individual, group or corporate level.

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