Why The Million Dollar Meal?

Why the Million Dollar Meal

What makes one professional advance faster than another? What makes someone magnetic and memorable? The answer is confidence, and confidence can be developed like any vital skill set.

In fact, it is part of the silent skill set you can not put on the resume.

 Self-confidence is the single most influential factor when predicting your ability to achieve personal and professional success.

By learning dining savvy, you will be self-confident having a successful meeting over a meal. By not having to be self-conscious, you will be able to enjoy the event, make others feel valued and use it as an opportunity to bond with people. The dining table, by the way, is the single most important place we bond with people.

I have said many times, there is such a thing as a million dollar meal. This may be literally in business, with the business that is lost or won over the dining table, or it may be figuratively with a social event or an experience that was priceless. The dining table has been said to be the single

most important place your actions, i.e., your attitude is displayed. Dining is such an important part of our lives. Whether we are dining professionally as part of our job or celebrating any event, food is usually part of the celebration.

We eat several times a day. Not knowing how to do something we do so often does not speak well of us. Knowing how to dine correctly is not about just knowing the action of how to dine, it is about the attitude of caring how important it is.

I have heard of people missing out on dining occasions because they would not be confident with their dining skills and interaction during this event. I do not want you to miss one second of living because you were not confident in this situation. This is just like any other skill; It will take understanding and practice. It is more about wanting to understand the “why” that makes the “how” easy.

Let us begin!

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